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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Solar Simplified? +

Solar Simplified is a platform that matches renters and homeowners who care about the environment and want to save money on the electricity bill with local solar farms. We take the hassle out of supporting renewable energy and make the sign-up process easy and transparent!

What is Community Solar? +

Community Solar allows homeowners, renters, and businesses to benefit from clean energy produced by local solar farms, while lowering their monthly utility bills. These are offsite solar farms, so there is no installation of panels on your property or roof. Electricity customers virtually subscribe to receive solar credits from a local solar farm located within their utility.

Community Solar exists in most states throughout the US in various forms. In the State of New York for example, Community Solar is regulated by the New York State Department of Public Service (DPS), while the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers incentive to develop community solar projects.

What are Solar Credits? +

Participation in Community Solar is a great way to save money and foster a sustainable future! Through your Community Solar subscription, you will receive solar credits on your monthly utility statement. The amount of credits you receive each month is based on two criteria: 1) your average annual electricity usage and 2) the amount of energy produced at your assigned solar farm, which is unique to the farm itself.

Upon enrollment, we will look up your annual electricity usage so we could allocate enough solar credits to your electricity statement each month. In most cases, these credits will offset the majority or entirety of your bill.

Does it cost anything to enroll? Are there any fees? +

There is no cost to enroll in Community Solar; you simply pay as you go for the credits you receive! If you are not satisfied with your Solar Simplified subscription, you may cancel at any time without penalty. It’s completely risk-free.

Do I have to own a home to qualify for Solar Simplified? +

No. Whether you own or rent, you are welcome to participate in Community Solar. Commercial properties and businesses are welcome to participate as well.

Will I receive two bills? +

You will continue to receive your utility bill, with your solar credits applied to offset a portion of your bill. In addition, Solar Simplified will send you another bill in which you will pay 90% of the cost of your allotted solar energy credits.

Why can't I receive one bill? +

Our team is working tirelessly with state regulators to push for a simple, consolidated bill. For example, starting during 2021, residents of New York State can expect to receive a consolidated bill from their utility company that will incorporate all of the electricity charges, solar credits and discounts.
Until consolidated billing becomes available in your state, you will be receiving two bills. One bill from your utility for your electricity usage with solar credits applied, and another bill from Solar Simplified for the cost of the solar credits, with a guaranteed 10% discount.

Example 1: (Assumption: solar credits offset full utility bill)
Utility bill: $100 utility bill - $100 solar credits = $0 remaining on utility bill;
Solar Simplified bill: $100 solar credits x 90% = $90 owed for solar credits; Savings: $10

Example 2: (Assumption: solar credits offset partial utility bill)
Utility bill: $100 utility bill - $80 solar credits = $20 remaining on utility bill;
Solar Simplified bill: $80 solar credits x 90% = $72 owed for solar credits. Savings: $8

Will I save money with a Community Solar subscription? +

Yes. A Community Solar membership will reduce your monthly electric bill. Each month, your assigned solar farm will inform your utility company of the number of solar credits generated on your behalf. Solar credits are applied against your electric utility bill, helping you save every month.

Solar Simplified works to provide a discount on solar credits (usually 10%) - meaning that for every $100 worth of solar credits (applied to a utility bill of $100 or more), the subscriber will only pay $90, a $10 discount (10%).

Will I ever receive surplus credits? +

No. It is unlikely to receive surplus credits because your allocation is determined by your average annual electricity usage. There is a slight possibility of overproduction in abnormally sunny/hot months. Solar Simplified will not charge a subscriber more than the credits that were applied to the subscriber’s bill, even if more credits are generated than can be applied to the bill in any given month. We will charge the customer for credits at the time they are applied.

Community Solar sounds too good to be true. Is it? +

Community Solar is regulated by various state agencies. In New York, the New York State Department of Public Service (DPS) regulates Community Solar. Community Solar was created in an effort to make renewable energy accessible for all constituents, residents and businesses alike.

Solar panels are expensive! What is my upfront investment cost? +

There is no installation of panels on your roof or property, and there are no costs for customers obtaining a Community Solar subscription. Community Solar is powered by offsite solar farms, typically located in suburban and rural areas of your state.

Can I set up an automatic payment with you? +

Of course! On every Solar Simplified bill, you will have the option to go online and set up a monthly auto-payment as well as paperless billing (to help us save trees and the environment!)

What if I live in an area that isn’t very sunny? +

With Community Solar, you will not install solar panels on your property, so there is no need to worry about the location of your residence with respect to sunlight. The local solar farms will be hosting solar panels and producing solar energy. You will continue to receive your electricity through your existing utility provider.

Will I keep my current energy supplier? +

Yes! Everything will stay the same. Your utility or current alternative electricity supplier will continue to supply and/or deliver electricity to you without any interruption to your service. Participating in Community Solar does not affect your existing energy service. We virtually apply solar credits to your utility bill.

What happens if I move? +

If you are moving within your utility or to other locations where Solar Simplified operates, you may be eligible to take your solar subscription service with you, or you may cancel at no cost at any time. Please contact Solar Simplified at (888) 420-9831 to find a Community Solar farm near your new home.

Will my electricity ever stop? +

No, your utility will continue to deliver electricity to you without interruption. In the event of a power outage or an emergency, please contact your utility.

Can I still enroll in Community Solar if I have solar panels on my home/property? +

Unfortunately, if you have solar panels on your home or property, you are not eligible for Community Solar.

What if I’m already subscribed to another Community Solar farm? +

If you are currently receiving solar credits from a solar farm - even if the credits do not cover the entirety of your utility bill - you are not eligible to subscribe to another Community Solar farm. Please contact Solar Simplified at (888) 420-9831 to find out if you can get a larger discount with one of our Community Solar farms in your area.

What is a POD ID? +

Some utilities go beyond account numbers and assign additional numbers to monitor electricity usage. In New York State, within the NYSEG territory specifically, your Point of Delivery (PoD ID) is your “energy address” within their delivery system.

Your PoD ID can be found on page 3 of your NYSEG bill, above the meter reading table. If you have paperless/online billing, click on “My Account,” and provide your Login ID and password. Navigate to the “Energy Use” tab, and the PoD ID can be found below the Electric Meter # and above the Electricity Usage History table.

Can I enroll in Community Solar if I am on budget billing with my utility? +

Yes, you are welcome to enroll in Community Solar, even if you are on a budget billing plan. In order to start seeing the benefits of Community Solar right away, we recommend withdrawing from the budget billing plan, which you can simply do by contacting your utility.

Please keep in mind that canceling budget billing with your utility may result in an additional credit or charge on your next month's utility bill, depending on your actual energy charges while you have been enrolled in budget billing.

If you choose to remain on budget billing, your utility will continue charging you the predetermined monthly amount. At the same time, monthly solar credits will be applied to your utility account for which you will receive a monthly Solar Simplified bill, including the guaranteed 10% discount. At the end of your budget cycle, when your utility performs its annual reconciliation, your utility will issue a credit for the excess budget payments made during the time you’ve been receiving solar credits.

I enrolled and l don't see any Solar Credits on my bill. +

If you're a NYSEG customer, you'll find earned solar credits in two places on your NYSEG statement under Miscellaneous Charges (on pages 1 and 3) in the CDG Value Stack Credit line as a negative balance offsetting a portion or the entirety of your electricity bill. (Solar Simplified is not responsible for Payment and Billing services charges. These are assessed by your utility.)

Your utility may take up to two billing cycles following your enrollment to begin applying solar credits on your electric utility bill. If after two or three billing cycles you do not see the solar credits on your statement, please contact Solar Simplified at (888) 420-9831.

How do I cancel my subscription? +

We will be sad to see you go, but you may cancel your subscription by contacting us at (888) 420-9831.

Can I get a tour of the solar farms in my area? +

To inquire about arranging a visit, reach out to us via the Contact Us form on this website or at (888) 420-9831.

How can I pay my bill? +

Pay by credit or debit card:

If you've received an email with your bill containing a “Pay this invoice” button, click the button and follow the prompts to pay online. If you're unable to locate this email, please check your spam folder.

You can also pay online at solarsimplified.com/pay. You will need your last name and your invoice number to access your bill.

Pay via ACH (Bank) transfer:

You can set up Bill Pay through your bank. To do so, you’ll need to refer to our account information at the bottom of your bill.

If you’d like to set up an ACH withdrawal, please contact our customer support team at (888) 420-9831. If you choose to pay using the ACH withdrawal option, there is an account verification process for your protection that can take up to 3 business days.

Pay by check:
You can mail a check to:
    301 W. Grand Ave, Suite 314
    Chicago, IL 60654
Please remember to add your invoice number in the memo line of your check.

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