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Four Lessons Learned on Leading a Company Through Hard Times

Are you wondering how your business can persevere during challenging times? Aviv Shalgi, CEO of Solar Simplified, shares four lessons developed while running his own company.

How Community Solar Is Democratizing Access to Renewable Energy

What would you say if I told you that you could slash ten percent off your monthly energy bill at no upfront cost? Solar energy makes it possible, all without panels! Learn more here.

How Companies Can Combat Common Misconceptions In Their Industry

In this Forbes article Aviv Shalgi, CEO of Solar Simplified, explains how companies can engage more prospects by building a strong reputation in their industry and trust with their customers.

State of Solar Adoption 2021 Series: Interview with Mike Casey

As part of our State of Solar Adoption 2021 Interview Series, Mike Casey, President of Tigercomm, shares his perspective on the current state and the future of solar adoption.

Credible Education Is Key to Adoption of Community Solar

Most people believe that you must have solar panels on your roof to harness renewable solar energy. This isn’t the case. Learn more here.

Five Best Practices For Encouraging Consumer Adoption

Aviv Shalgi, CEO of Solar Simplified, explains his top 5 practices to encourage solar adoption. These strategies are applicable to businesses in other industries looking to encourage adoption & growth.

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