Top 25 Newsletters Every Solar Energy Expert Is Reading

Staying in the know about solar energy is easier said than done. Bookmarking a climate news website or setting a reminder to do some research isn’t always an effective remedy for procrastination and distraction.

Newsletters take your baser instincts into account. They deliver news stories, research, and other solar-centric content directly to your inbox. Curators of these letters do the legwork for you—all you have to do is check your email.

Whether you’re interested in the broader strokes of solar energy or want to know how you personally can tap into solar potential, there are plenty of newsletter options for you.

The Climate Crisis Newsletter by The New Yorker

The Climate Crisis is a climate-focused newsletter from The New Yorker, one of the most highly regarded and long-lasting outlets in media. Activist and author Bill McKibben is the individual responsible for penning the newsletter.

McKibben is known for his environmental coverage, and for bringing attention to climate change. He has written several books on the topic and has served as a critical advocate for the climate change movement. He brings this gravitas to The Climate Crisis newsletter for The New Yorker.

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U.S. Department of Energy Solar Newsletter

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is one of the foremost authorities on what is going on with renewable energy. This is particularly true of government-backed projects and agendas. The DOE’s newsletter is a mainline into the “activities, events, funding opportunities, and publications that the solar program has funded”.

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Energy Choice Matters

Devoted to keeping subscribers informed with the most timely, in-depth coverage on the day’s retail energy headlines, Energy Choice Matters’ daily digest is one of the top resources for breaking news in the industry. 

Written by industry experts, coverage ranges from “regulatory and market design issues like pricing, procurement, and structure of default service, to competitive issues like new retail entrants and exits, M&As, new product and marketing channels, migration data and more.”

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Renewable Energy World Newsletters

The publication Renewable Energy World offers two newsletters: 

  • Renewable Energy World newsletter
  • Electric Light & Power (ELP) Executive Digest newsletter

The ELP Digest newsletter offers analyses of “generation trends, smart grid technology, information technology and customer information systems, renewable energy, energy efficiency and much more”.

The Renewable Energy World newsletter keeps you updated about “information on markets, policy and finance covering all renewable technologies – solar, wind, energy storage, geothermal, bioenergy and hydropower”.

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Axios Generate Newsletter

Axios Generate is a newsletter from one of the preeminent media outlets today. The newsletter updates readers about the latest stories impacting the energy sector. From oil futures to the latest breakthroughs in the renewable sector, Axios Generate sources stories and research from around the internet at a single access point.

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American Solar Energy Society (ASES) Newsletter

HThe American Solar Energy Society (ASES) puts out a newsletter two to three times per month. The letter combines “news and happenings from the solar and renewable energy fields into one convenient place”. Recent newsletter topics include “How much solar PV is needed for a net zero target?” and “Rooftop solar would boost electrical systems’ resilience”.

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Stanford Energy Newsletter

Few universities host as many cutting-edge research projects as Stanford. With the Stanford Energy newsletter, recipients can read about original research, energy-related news stories, Stanford-centric events, and other energy-related tidbits. If you are looking for energy content from a trusted source, the Stanford Energy newsletter is a prime option.

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Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) Newsletter

The Solar Energy Industries Association’s mission is “building a strong solar industry to power America”. Within this context comes the SEIA newsletter. 

The newsletter contains updates about solar policy, solar project financing and taxation, social awareness of solar benefits, and trade, tech, and environmental issues.

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Power Line Newsletter by Business Insider

Business Insider, one of the leading digital news publications, presents the Power Lines newsletter. It is a “clean-energy newsletter” focused specifically on highlighting clean energy startups.

The newsletter arrives weekly. Energy reporter Benji Jones curates the letter. Business Prime Insider members will get the most out of the letter, as most of the coverage is behind a paywall.

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Renewable Energy Magazine Newsletters

Renewable Energy Magazine is a publication “at the heart of clean energy journalism”. The magazine offers four newsletters:

  • General newsletter
  • Solar newsletter
  • Bioenergy newsletter
  • Wind newsletter

Each letter provides a roundup of the latest stories in each category published in Renewable Energy Magazine. 

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Morning Energy Newsletter by POLITICO

Morning Energy is a daily newsletter from respected news outlet POLITICO. Promised by 10 a.m. each morning, the letter “examines the latest news in energy and environmental politics and policy”.

Energy reporter Matthew Choi oversees Morning Energy’s content. Those willing to pay can receive the POLITICO Pro Energy newsletter, which arrives at 6 a.m. each morning with a different slate of energy-centric coverage.

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Carbon Brief Daily/Weekly Newsletter

Carbon Brief is a digital publication covering science, energy, and policy related to energy. Its focus is climate-related subjects. This includes both environmental problems and the potential solutions to those problems. 

The Carbon Brief daily and weekly newsletters are an extension of the publication. If you find Carbon Brief’s content useful, these newsletters are a direct-to-consumer pipeline that you may find convenient.

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Future Crunch Newsletter

Future Crunch brands its newsletter as a dose of “intelligent optimism”. The letter arrives every two weeks and features “stories about progress for people and the planet”. 

This newsletter is for those who prefer good news. After all, solar energy and renewables more broadly are about hope, aren’t they? The Future Crunch Newsletter is sure to add positive vibes to your day.

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Bloomberg NEF Month in Review Newsletter

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (NEF) is the primary research service for Bloomberg. The Bloomberg NEF newsletter arrives each month. Free to subscribers, it offers a glimpse into Bloomberg NEF’s latest research, including that pertaining to disruptive energy technologies. Another feature is the video or chart of the week. 

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Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) Newsletters

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) produces several free newsletters with specific niches. Those newsletters include:

  • The Resilient Power Project newsletter
  • Solar + Storage News newsletter
  • Solar Equity Digest newsletter
  • The CESA Brief

Each newsletter comes at varying frequencies and has a specific focus. Each one may bring value to those interested in renewable energy and solar energy in particular.

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SUN Newsletters by Solarplaza 

SUN Newsletters from Solarplaza offer “the latest renewable energy and solar industry news”. The stable of SUN Newsletters include:

  • The SUN Future Grid Newsletter
  • SUN Weekly Newsletter
  • The Solar Asset Management Newsletter

It also offers region-specific solar newsletters for Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latam.

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Solar Power World Newsletter

Solar Power World’s newsletter features technical and how-to articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, original reporting, and tech trends analysis. It also features news articles from Solar Power World as well as solar content from other news sources.

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Green Light Newsletter by The Guardian

The Green Light newsletter from The Guardian features “the planet’s most important stories”. Recipients can expect “key headlines, debate, and analysis” about environmental issues delivered on a weekly basis. 

It addresses climate change, policy, activism, and adjacent topics. The Guardian editors curate the content for the Green Light.

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International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Newsletter

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) offers a newsletter to paying members. The newsletter provides updates on the latest in solar news as well as research from the ISES’ partner organizations. Members also gain access to the Solar Energy Journal, webinars, events, and various other perks.

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CleanTechnica Newsletters

CleanTechnica is a digital publication covering all things renewable. This includes solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, energy storage, and more. It offers a few newsletters, including:

  • The CleanTechnica Daily Newsletter
  • The CleanTechnica Weekly Newsletter
  • The CleanTechnica Solar Energy Newsletter
  • The CleanTechnica Electric Vehicle Newsletter

Each provides news updates, with the Solar Energy newsletter being of special interest to solar enthusiasts.

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Utility Dive Newsletters

Utility Dive, a publication focusing on energy and energy distribution, offers multiple newsletters. Those letters include:

  • Daily Dive newsletter
  • Storage Weekly newsletter
  • Load Management Weekly newsletter
  • Renewable Energy Weekly newsletter

Each of the weekly newsletters is in partnership with organizations in the respective field of focus.

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Solar energy policy evolves as we go about our lives unfazed. Solar technology makes constant advancements that, by and large, go unnoticed. Opportunities for investment in solar abound.

Who will keep us informed of these developments and opportunities?

The curators of these newsletters will. Most of them will do so at no cost to you. All they require is your contact information and email address.

What are you waiting for? Infinite solar wisdom is only a few clicks and keyboard taps away.